Roborock S50 suddenly just drives around in weird patterns

Roborock S50 suddenly just drives around in weird patterns

I don't know what happened but now it wont clean properly anymore and respect the map. It just drives around in weird lines, and looks like its getting lost all the time, and cleaing like if there is no map and he doesnt know where to go. It literally cant clean anymore since it just drives around in weird patterns.

I have tried everything to fix this by reseting + hard reseting device to factory, cleaned everything, replaced all of the brushes with new, and same thing. Even now after hard reset when I want him to go and map the apartment for first time, it wont do it, as its just driving around in weird patterns again. I am attaching image of last attempt so you can see what I'm talking about below. 

image of app

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  • Hi, sorry for the inconvenience.

    We suggest you clean the LDS. Please check if there's any dust accumulated on the sensor or blocking it.

    roborob02/22/2021      10:33

    Everything has been cleaned, including LDS sensor, so this is definitely not the issue...

    RR_SupportStaff Member02/25/2021      12:26

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Please contact for further assistance.

    Please tell them that you're advised here on the forum to upload log to our tech team so that they can look into the case.


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