Anyway to restart a manually stopped cleaning?

Anyway to restart a manually stopped cleaning?

I have at times needed to stop a cleaning cycle which I do by pressing the dock button in the app, leaving a partially completed floor. I want to later be able to resume the cleaning cycle and have it pick up at the same spot - is there anyway to do that?

I know I could pause the cleaning and resume when I’m ready, but the reason I have for stopping partway through a clean cycle is because I put my kid down for a nap and the vacuum is quite loud banging over my tile floor and I’d like to not wake her from her nap. It makes sense to have the vacuum go charge for an hour while she is napping so it can then complete the cleaning cycle after the nap is over - my entire house cannot be cleaned on one charge, so just pausing and resuming after the nap will lead to the vacuum needing to charge on its own and then restarting at a later (inconvenient) time.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Sorry to tell you that currently there's no option to restart a manually stopped cleaning even you send it back to the dock. Once the robot has been set back to the dock, it means the current cleaning session is completed.

    Normally, if you just pause the robot, it will enter sleep mode after not being operated for 10 minutes. During sleep mode, it won't consume much battery during the nap time.

    If there's a specific time you don't want robot to resume cleaning, you can set the period as DND mode. This way, the robot won't resume cleaning during that period, and you can choose to manually resume the cleaning at a convenient time.

    Dr_Pippin10/16/2021      00:43

    Thank you. I’ll experiment with DND and see if I can get it to work for my uses.

    RR_SupportStaff Member10/17/2021      10:21

    You're always welcome~


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