Roborock H6 - dust in engine damage

Roborock H6 - dust in engine damage

Roborock H6 started acting weird after 9 months of usage, refusing to work in high speed mode (asks to clean filters) and strange engine sounds in normal mode.

  • Filters are clean, I even tried replacement filters. We do clean them regularly.
  • Took to warranty service - not a warranty issue. Apparently 'dust got into motor' and 'I was using it wrong'.
  • Roborock support is useless, and just keeps redirecting to seller for support. Seller can not help.
  • Took the engine cover off (three screws). To my surprise - electronics is indeed covered in small dust. There seems to be no protection of electronics between front and rear HEPA filters. So any dust that succeeds to pass from first HEPA filter can touch all electronic components, capacitors and motor.

I'm no tech repair guy, but are vacuums usually designed like that? Should't electronics be protected from dust in case of user error like forgetting to put in a filter? Plus the filter never protects 100%, so it is designed to eventually fail? Can this be fixed by just cleaning the motor part? Have you had similar issues with your vacuum?

We were using this vacuum every week for 9 months to clean our house and car. Usually only on high speed mode.

Thoughts, comments welcome...

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  • Hi, we feel sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Normally, with both front and rear filters, as well as the cyclone seperator/dustbag installed, the vacuum can reach a filtering efficiency of as much as 99.97%. There won't be dust coming into the engine part.

    In order to solve the issue, please contact the seller to see if they offer repair service because replacing the part requires professional skills.


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