S6 MaxV - Mainbrush hard to turn - Anytime not just on carpet

S6 MaxV - Mainbrush hard to turn - Anytime not just on carpet

For the most part our S6 MaxV has done pretty well. About 2 months ago though, started having problems where the main brush was not rotating thus dirt was not getting picked up. We have multiple cats, so you can imagine there is a fair amount of hair that gets picked up on a daily basis. We run our Roborock at least once a day to help keep a control on the amount of hair laying around. I have looked at it and wonder if hair has gotten in where it is wrapped around the drive end for the main brush. Have not figured out how to access it to see if I can unstick it. I can manually rotate by hand and it will free up, but then it'll start getting real hard to rotate. I then rotate it the opposite direction and eventually it does the same thing. It takes multiple revolutions before this occurs, so again I tend to believe that it is some hair that has gotten in there and is wrapping up until it binds. I do not get any errors, you can just tell that the main brush is not picking up in the debris while the robot is doing its paths.

How do you disassemble to get to the back side of the main roller drive? Or how do I get this expensive robot fixed? I am an engineer and have taken a lot of things apart and put them back together as well as replaced parts on other older robot vacuums, as well a lot of electronics and equipment.

I like to have a better understanding of what to expect (hidden clips or catches) before I start disassembling blinding if I can help it.

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  • Hi, thanks for reaching out.

    May I know if the issue only happened on carpet or both hardfloor?

    We don't suggest you open up the robot by yourself because that will void the warranty.

    Best regards.

    WD69LD7106/20/2022      16:25

    Thanks for the response.

    This happens on both hardwood floors as well as carpet. Our house is most all hardwood floors with area rugs (low profile). This Roborock S6 MaxV was purchased on November 25, 2020. I thought I read that the warranty was only 1 year? Is it still under warranty?

    Thank You

    RR_SupportStaff Member06/25/2022      10:59

    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    If the issue happens on hardfloors, there may be something wrong with the device. Please contact support@roborock.com to get further assistance. Please provide them with your purchase info and the device's SN.

    Best regards.


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