Roborock S6 bad noise

Roborock S6 bad noise

Hi there!

Recently my roborock started making a strange noise, loud too. I tried taking apart and reinstalling the main brush but it didn't help. All the parts have been replaced 2 months ago so that's not the issue. Brief video link:

Any suggestions?

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  • Hi, thanks for reaching out.

    The abnormal noise could come from several parts. Please try the methods below to rule it out first.

    1. Run the robot without the main brush or its cover to see if the noise still exists. If it comes from the brush, please clean it according to the video below.

    For S4, S6, S6 Pure, S5 Max, S6 MaxV

    2. Unscrew the side brush and run the device without it to see if the noise still exists.

    3. Uninstall the front wheel.

    For S6, S6 Pure, S5 Max, S6 MaxV, E4, S4 Max, S7, E5, try to uninstall the front wheel according to the video below:

    For C1, E2, E3, S5, S4, just uninstall the front wheel by hands.

    Run the robot without the front wheel to see if the noise is gone. If the noise comes from the front wheel, please check the video below to clean it and drip oil into the inside of the wheel.

    4. Press and turn the two wheels like the attached picture to see if there is any noise.

    5. Clean the filter and change suction mode to the lowest to see if the noise will go away.

    If the issue persists, would you please reach out to our support team at so that we can better assist? 


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