How-To -- Multi Floor

How-To -- Multi Floor

We received the firmware update to support multiple floors, and that the vacuum automatically detects which floor it is on. Well, I put the vacuum on the first floor and had it start, and it just adding onto the existing map it seemed. All the no-go zones for the ground floor were still there, and it was just not quite right.

Is there a quick how-to on starting on a new floor?

Second, how do I prevent the vacuum from going in areas before it creates a map? For example in the guest bedroom it kept getting stuck under the bed, but I can't draw a no-go zone until it has made a map



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  • Hi Debtoine, for this issue, may I suggest you enable the multiple map saving mode and map saving mode first ( as attachment )? 

    And you will need to bring both the robot and charging dock to this floor if you wants to create a new map here, and meet below requirements to save the map:

    1. Robot starts from dock;

    2. Robot goes everywhere on map it detects to clean, not just somewhere. Pls make sure the doors are open for the rooms you want to be displayed on map.

    3. Robot returns to dock(whose position is not moved) by itself and successfully.

    You need bring the robot to another floor only if you've saved the map. Thank you.​

    Huey05/28/2020      21:49

    Support, can you confirm whether or not multifloor mapping will be coming to the S4. I was under the impression that it was, but if it isnt then I may want to return my S4 within my 30 day return period. Willing to wait if it is though. Thanks

    RR_SupportStaff Member05/29/2020      07:56
  • Dear support team

    I live in france and just bought a S5 Max. Firmware is 3.5.4_0602 and Mi Home app version 5.6.86 on android. I have enabled the "map saving mode (beta)", but I can't see anywhere in "edit maps" the multi-floor map option as shown in your message below. Can you help me? thanks

    VANT05/20/2020      22:46

    You have old fw. Use roborock app and update to latest fw (01.07.80) with multifloor.

    RR_SupportStaff Member05/29/2020      07:59

    Hi, like Vant said, the current firmware does not support multi-floor maps feature. The latest firmware with this feature supported has been released on Roborock app and 30% S5 Max users are chosen by the server randomly to get the latest firmware to do the tests. If you want to use this feature, you can switch to Roborock app or wait a while for the updates on Mi Home app.


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