My app won't update

My app won't update

Just got my Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, did everything necessary to started. As soon as I started the app, the was an update but won't want to update because says that the robot has to have at least 30% charge, but it's at 45% charge. Just won't want to update.

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Please make sure your robot is on dock and the battery is more than 20% when you try to upgrade its firmware version. If the upgrading failed, try methods below:

    1. Check if there is new version of Mi Home app (Roborock app) in google play or app store. You can also uninstall and reinstall the APP.

    2. Move robot close to router and try it again.

    3. Move robot away from dock. Reboot the device by holding the power button to turn it off and keep holding the same button to turn it on.

    4. If you're using Mihome app, please switch the region of the app. See attached picture (you need re-connect the robot to wifi when region is switched).

    5. Change the primary/secondary DNS server on the main router to 6.

    Besides, you can connect the robot to the mobile hotspot to give it a shot. To do that, you need to get 2 smart phones (A and B) .

    1. Enable phone A's hotspot in phone's setting and create a name and password of hotspot.

    2. Use phone B to install the app and try to connect the robot to the hotspot sent from phone A. Forget about the wifi from router in the whole process.

    If that fails to solve the issue, please send us a screenshot to show at which step the upgrading failed.

    thomasfrank01/29/2024      07:16

    I successfully upgraded my robot's firmware by following these steps! The guidance on checking the Mi Home app version, changing the Buckshot Roulette region, and adjusting DNS settings on the main router was constructive.

    Kickstar01/31/2024      22:31

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