Zone cleaning in S5

Zone cleaning in S5


I have 2 queries

  1. In the absence of selective room cleaning, I am trying to do zone cleaning. If I create multiple zones to clean (I guess maximum allowed is 7 zones), how will I set the order of cleaning?
  2. The Roborock is trying to climb on some objects and failing to come out of this. For example, there is a cloth drying stand and the bottom portion of this is a 2 cm thick iron pipe and Roborock is trying to go on top of this and mid-way it is getting stuck. I am afraid this will damage the wheels and brush quickly. How can I avoid Roborock climbing there?
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    1. But you can do selective room cleaning? Why is that not working for you? I dont think you have any control over the order, regardless if you use zones or rooms.
    2. You can define a no-go area around the drying stand.
    Saleem02/10/2020      13:43

    Thanks. Room select mode is not available in S5

    RR_SupportStaff Member02/14/2020      03:11

    Selective room cleaning will be available for S5 soon.

    1.For zone cleaning,it is not supported to set the order, but robot will clean zones in the order of editing. For instance, if you would like to clean living room first, you could draw it as a zone first and others following , then start zone cleaning.

    2.please see picture below about setting no go zones

    Saleem02/19/2020      10:22



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