Roborock s5 versus Ikea METOD type kitchen

Roborock s5 versus Ikea METOD type kitchen


I have a suggestion and kind request. I really appreciate that you support your product (Roborock s5) by issuing software updates frequently. My robot is cleaning perfectly with one small, but annoying problem. it is not cleaning below Ikea METOD type cupboards in kitchen. Maximum height of the robot is 7.9cm while on the wheels, however turret with laser is higher. Minimum height of Ikea METOD type cupboards is 8-9cm (depends on setting). This results with plenty of rubbish being left in the kitchen after roborock vacuuming. I realize that it is impossible to permamently reduce the minimum distance as robot will be hitting obstacles by front bumber sensor all time. However i suggest to add the option (similar to no go zones and invisible walls) to the software. Where user can chose area in which the minimum distance from the robot to the wall is reduced and robot rely more on bumber than on laser for determining the distance, or - and this would be the best solution - user can set this distance manualy (lenght of overhang below which robot should clean ( in my kitchen it is 116mm). I really hope that you will take my suggestion under consideration, as plenty people around the world have the Ikea METOD type kitchens in their homes.

Please If you decide to improve your system with this feature, do not forget about Europe and other continents, do it worldwide. :)

I have attached several photos to show you the problem. As you can see on the photos robot can reach under the whole area below overhang from the side only (from the front turret is to close to the edge of the robot -it os only few millimeters but still turret can hit the cupboard. This is why I suggest the option for setting the distance (which should be the user-responsibility only) or you can allow the robot to go under the cupboards only on limited angle.

Best regards, Kuba!

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