Room inaccessible

Room inaccessible

My S6 has created a map of my flat. During the night I have asked it to clean the living room. Beteeen the living room an the bedroom there is a door which I keep closed while cleaning. During the day it is schefuled to clean the bedroom. The door is now open. However it says the room is inaccessible, presumable because it discovered that during the night’s cleaning. Once I move it into the bedroom with the remote control it accepts that the room is accessible and cleaning may start.

Any siggestoons?

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  • Hi, Tore, thank you for feedback.

    Please allow me to explain this rule to you.

    If the door was closed in last cleaning, the robot will regard the door as closed at next cleaning even if door is open. The robot will act like below:

    1. Full cleaning is fine. When device goes to the edge of door, it will recognize door is actually open and enter it to clean.

    2. Selective room cleaning and zone cleaning will not working on that room with door closed before. Device will leave the dock for a short distance and stop. The voice "zone cleaning/ room cleaning failed, cannot reach the target area" pops up.

    The solution is that you let robot do a full cleaning instead of zone cleaning or selective room cleaning so that robot will know the door is open and all becomes normal.

    The device is not smart enough like human to know the real status of door. Therefore, it may be a little confused when door is open or closed frequently. Hope you could understand and forgive this small drawback.

    Tore03/24/2020      11:25

    Thanks for the response.

    It however means it is not possible to have fully automated cleaning. I would suggest that the device tried to go through the door rather then assuming it is closed. Surely it would be possible to change the algorithms to do that?



    RR_SupportStaff Member03/25/2020      07:08

    Please update your current map:

    1. Map saved mode is enabled,

    2. Robot starts from dock;

    3. Robot goes everywhere on map it detects to clean, not just somewhere. Pls make sure the doors are open for the rooms you want to be displayed on map.

    4. Robot returns to dock(whose position is not moved) by itself and successfully.

    And about the suggestion to change the algorithms to improve the function, we will forward it to our tech department and hope they could improve it in future.

    Hope you have a rainbow day~


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