[S5 Max] Cleaning room more than once

[S5 Max] Cleaning room more than once


I have S5 Max for about a week, it does a great job, just the problem of black carpet is my pain, but it has separate thread...

Today I noticed change in application. I use iOS Roborock app V1.2.70 with S5 on 01.06.02 firmware. I loved feature for cleaning selected room more than once (it was an icon for single/double/triple cleaning). Since today it's not available anymore for me, just single cleaning, I can only change level of cleaning and water. Icon for multicleaning is gone!

Is that made with intention or just something wrong on my side?

Thanks for help!

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  • About the black carpet: Our vacuum may not work on some deep color carpets or carpet with different color patterns, because the carpet will absorb light, which will make device misidentify the carpet as cliff and avoid to clean.Unfortunately, there is no switch on hardware or software to disable cliff sensor which is necessary in most occasions. Hope you can understand and forgive this drawback.If you really hope to disable it, you could try to use white tags to cover all sensors lightly. See attached file.But make sure the tags doesn't interfere other parts near like side brush, charging contact and front bumper. Besides, it may cause some other potential risks like falling on stair or other errors.

  • The function for cleaning selected room more than once on the application its a bug, and now our tech department is fixing it. please kindly forgive us. And we will forward your feedback to our tech department and hope they could improve this kind of function in future as some of our users like this kind of function too.

    Thank you.

    Auslander04/01/2020      08:47


    Thanks for your answer. You mean that visibility of that function was bug or rather suppression of that function is a bug? I really loved that to be used for some specific rooms so looking forward to see it's available again.

    One more remark - for that feature I observed that Roborock is following almost the same path each time, just centimeters of difference. I recommend to try implement another track to improve cleaning results, so if first cleaining uses pattern "left to right", another one could be "top to bottom" - then Roborock is able to reach some other corners and clean a way better. Just as an idea for your Developers:)

    Good luck and thanks for any updates for that function!

    RR_SupportStaff Member04/01/2020      08:58

    Hi, Auslander, the multiple times room cleaning is not a bug, it's just delete the function temporary, but many of our users feedback that they love this function and hope we could get it back, now our tech department decided to get the function back in next upgrade, so please don't worry about it.

    And about the cleaning route, thanks for your suggestion, we will forward it to our tech department and hope they could improve it in future. Nice day~


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