Support for other platforms

Support for other platforms

Roborock is a very closed system making it very difficult to integrate into other automation platforms. The reason for this is that the token required to communicate with e.g. the S6 is not easily available. I’m using the Athom Homey automation system and would love Xiaomi to enable easy integration to other systems than its own app only

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  • Thanks for your suggestion. We would feedback it to our team.

    fire06/02/2020      10:05

    This is a very much needed feature! It is extremely frustrating to not being able to integrate a "smart" Robot Vacuum into e.g. Home Assistant while using the Roborock app. Would be a fairly easy fix for you to do. Maybe by just displaying the token upon request in the app settings. You could have a disclaimer explaining that the use of API integration is not supported by Roborock and that you take no responsibility in supporting these solutions. That would be absolutely fine. Just at least give us the possibility. To be able to integrate Roborock products into a smart home system should be top priority for Roborock since this opens up innovation and creative solutions to cover feature gaps and build more advanced automations for those that have the will and knowledge. Thus increasing customer satisfaction and community support.

    006fazer08/12/2020      13:27


    +1, it should great to have access to the token when using Roborock app'

    Best regards


    Timothyvisuals09/03/2020      11:45

    Yes, Integration with would be nice. I would like to say to google: Hey Google I'm Leaving.. Then the lights go off and the my roborock starts cleaning.

  • Amen and Amen. Shouldn't have to "hack" a system to let Google Assistant help. If you guys fix it, we all benefit!

    bigwals03/08/2024      18:58

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    Please provide a way to show the device specific API tokens in the Roborock app. That is all you need to do. It does not matter if we need to factory reset the device to see the token only once during setup. We are willing to make that compromise.

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