Firmware update

Firmware update

I'm having problems with my S5 since upgrading to firmware to 3.5.7_002008. It has not completed a clean since the upgrade. It gets lost. it gets parts of the maps rotated. Before the upgrade it would complete a whole house clean 90% of the time. It is a big house and needs to return to the dock for a recharge to do a full clean.

Is there any way to roll back to the previous version of firmware? The new has lots of nice features but they are useless if the basic navigation does not work.

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  • Dear customer,

    Sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience caused.

    If you do want to degrade the version. We suggest you restore device to factory default. Video attached for reference.

    Step 1. Hold the recharge button for 3-5 seconds.

    Step 2. Use a pin to press the reset button next to wifi LED just once,and power button, recharge and spot cleaning button's light will be out. When you are doing this, please make sure recharge button is still under your finger's holding without moving.

    Step 3. Keep holding recharge button for 5 seconds after you press reset button until power button blinks again and you hear the tone "Restoring the initial version. It will take about five minutes. Please wait patient", and then you could remove the finger.


    1. Factory default restore will disconnect RoboVac from wifi. Please re-add it after factory default restore.

    2. Factory default restore will also make RoboVac's firmware version come back to original one when it was made in factory. After factory default restore, you could go to RoboVac's setting--general setting--check for updates to upgrade its firmware to latest one.

    3. Factory default restore will delete all your setting on device like scheduled cleaning.

    4. Factory default restore will delete every single cleaning's log including every cleaning's duration, size and map. But the total duration, total times of cleaning and total size will be still kept there.

  • However, we think the issue of missing clean some areas might might not be caused by the update, do you mind contacting us through our support email, and sending us some cleaning history as attached picture, so we could look into it?

    JR04/10/2020      04:04

    Thanks RR Support,

    I think it is working now. Suspect dust inside the machine. Had it upside down to to replace the main brush and maybe dust got on the inside of the photo detectors. Used a leaf blower to clean it and now it is working.

    I also divided the map of the main part of my house into a number of smaller sections. Maybe this helped. Will try to reset it if there are further problems.

    Many Thanks,


    RR_SupportStaff Member04/10/2020      07:07

    Thanks for your work, JR, and we are glad to hear that the robot is works well right now. If there is anything we could support you in future, please feel free to contact us here or by Thank you.

    JR04/12/2020      06:41

    Hi RR_Support,

    I've done some close observations of my S50 and where it gets lost (what else is there to do these days?). It is having problems with one doorway, but only if that door is closed. If the door is open the robot enters that room a short distance, and then comes out and continues to clean the first room without any errors. If the door is closed then the robot thinks it enters the room, but just bumps the door a few times, corrects its' position and and tries to clean the rest of the room. It then has a position error of about 1.5 meters. After that happens it just gets more and more confused and eventually is cleaning at 90 degrees to to the direction it thinks it is traveling in. By the time it needs a recharge it has no idea where the base station is and it wanders around the house like an early model Roomba untill the battery goes flat.

    I've fixed the problem by merging the the two rooms, and then manually dividing them again. But I moved the boundary into the first room by about 20cm. Now when it comes to the closed door it goes around the door jam rather than into it, and finishes the rest of the house. The door in question is the bedroom door so it gets closed if we clean at night.

    This is a minor problem that the programmers might be able fix with the next update. Could be on the App side or the robot firmware. Four screen shots attached, 1st- Detail of my fix. 2nd A good clean. 3rd Where/why the problem started. 4th Then what happened. This worked for me, maybe it will help others?

    Cheers, JR

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