Why not two side brushes?

Why not two side brushes?

Hi guys, I have a medium level vacuum robot here in Brazil and by the end of this year I will buy a new high level vacuum robot. For now, I'm only considering two brands, Roborock or Ecovacs. I'm looking for the new Roborock S6 MaxV and also the Deebot Ozmo T8.

But I really like the design with two side brushes, it looks more "normal" (like a person with two arms instead of just one).

So, I would like to know why Roborock uses the design with only one side brush and if it is planned in the future to launch a new Roborock with two side brushes.

If the Roborock S6MaxV had two side brushes, it would be my choice with 100% certainty, but today I'm in doubt between the Ozmo T8 with two side brushes or the S6 MaxV with stereo camera.

Thank you very much and regards.

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  • it's simple,

    Side brush is primarily for cleaning corners, not for main cleaning, where it performs an auxiliary function.

    cbsgrillo05/09/2020      20:58

    I know it is an auxiliary function, but not just for cleaning corners, it is also very important to throw the dirt from the sides to the center and down the robot while sweeping in a straight line, so I understand that two brushes would be better than one.

    My question is why not in the Roborocks too? What is already a fantastic robot would look even better.

    CallumW05/10/2020      22:19

    TBH it would make little difference.

    On the side where the brush is, there's also a sensor to detect that it's near a wall and the robot traces anti-clockwise around the perimeter of the room for an edge to edge clean. The LiDAR equipped vaccums also efficiently overlap their route so that all dirt is picked up and the cleaning cycle is completed very quickly.


  • Thanks for your suggestions. One side brush works with one main brush well for our products. We appreciate it if you could experience by yourself. You'll find there's no lack of cleaning strength. We'll forward your suggestions to our team. Please keep following us!


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