S5 Max mopping bracket falls off?

S5 Max mopping bracket falls off?

Hi all,

I got my S5 Max a few weeks ago, and am really enjoying it for the most part, except for one thing so far.

Three times or so now, I have started the mop function, and come into the room later to find the mop water tank bracket had become detached from the unit, and was lying somewhere on the linoleum floor. There has been no notification from the app that it came off, and the robot continues its cleaning cycle as if the mop is still attached. This just happened where I received the notification that the cleaning was complete, and the robot had returned to the dock, with the mop bracket not far where it started, and I could tell it happened early on because the floor did not look any different than prior to starting.

The S5 Max always tells me that the mop attachment has been connected and mop mode is ready, so the times it has fallen off does not seem any different than other times where it stays on with no issue, which makes diagnosing the problem tricky.

When it fell off most recently just now, I had dampened the mop cloth quite heavily, so I wonder if the gravity of the water weight was enough to pull on to become lose? Just wondering if any of you have experienced the same problem, and what if any solutions helped fix it.

Thank you in advance!

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Do you mean that the mopping pad with mopping cloth attached dropped or the whole mopping system?

    Is it possible to send us a video of this abnormal behavior? You can upload it online if it is large.

    Besides, is there any voice alert after you installed the mopping attachment? Please check the latch on the mopping pad and ensure that it is not faulty and connects to the robot itself firmly.

    May I know when and where did you purchase this S5 Max?

    icyblu06/20/2020      06:04

    I second this, i have s5 max for a couple months now, and there's been 3 times where the mop bracket (pad+cloth) got detached from the unit.

    RR_SupportStaff Member06/21/2020      08:23


    Is there any voice prompt when you installed/uninstalled the mop bracket?

    Please check the latches on the mop bracket and the robot itself to verify it is not broken. If possible, you can send us a video of this abnormal behavior.

    Besides, when and where did you purchase this S5 Max?

    Note: You can email us these info via support@roborock.com. Please attach the forum link also.

  • That happens to me as well

    RR_SupportStaff Member02/14/2021      13:46

    Could you confirm it the mopping system (water tank+mop cloth bracket+mop cloth) is firmly installed? Usually, if you encounter this issue, most cases are caused by loose installation of the mopping system. You can check the following:

    (1) When you install the mopping system to the main unit well, you can hear a 'click' sound;

    (2) After you hear the 'click' sound, use your hands to tap both sides of the water tank to confirm it is closely attached to the main unit.

    (3) Pull the water tank with strength to check if you can drag it out of the main unit.


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