Multi floor map improvements

Multi floor map improvements

Just got the latest update on the Mi Home app for my s5 max. Finally the long awaited multi floor map.

I have multiple floors in my house and i've been waiting for this feature, alas it's not exactly what i expect it to be.

First problem, I got a big house and separate a single floor cleaning into different parts in different times to make it more time efficient. With the new update, the room scheduled cleaning is disabled, can you bring it back? It's very useful in many different situations too.

The second thing i noticed is the fact that i lose the ability to back-up a map. With the previous software, i can use my robot to clean the first floor, save the map and bring it to another floor to clean them by creating a new map.

After that i can just restore the backup and everything is good. Also, sometimes, sh*t happened and the map become a mess, with no backup there will be no easy way to fix it. I and i believe others, really need some kind of backup features.

The third, more minor matters is room sequence, i might be wrong, but do i need to turn on the multi-floor features to get it? If yes then i really think that it should be separated.

In conclusion, the new features somehow trade offs a lot of good things that the previous one already had. i really wanted to roll back to the previous software version, it's way more convenient and controllable.

On a side note, how do i roll back the software?

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  • We are sorry for the inconvenience. We would improve the new update. Thanks for your support.

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