Inventory is unavailable on Amazon

Inventory is unavailable on Amazon

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  • Hello, do you mean the S6 MAX V on our Amazon store?

    Davis08/11/2020      17:42

    Curious about this, too. Yes, the S6 Max V appears unavailable on Amazon. Been saying great reviews, is there anywhere to buy it in the US?

    RR_DiscussionStaff Member08/12/2020      07:59

    Hi, there is no stock of our S6 MAX V on Amazon at present, so the listing shows unavailable. Please stay tuned and our sales team are trying their best to solve it. :)

    RoboMarty08/12/2020      21:29

    Yes, I was wondering this too. as of today (August 12, 2020) it does not even have an availability date. Last week it showed availability near the end of August. But that seems to have changed.

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  • Hi Roborock,

    Are you planning to sell in Canada? Inventory on is 0 and does not even show any Roborock items.

    May have to go with another make :(

    Any chance i can order from you directly?

    Danielle0111/18/2023      07:00

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  • Your insights into Amazon's transformation and its use of a decentralized finance system for dispute resolution are quite enlightening. It's impressive to see how Amazon has evolved from its roots as an online bookstore to a global e-commerce giant. The emphasis on transparency and equity in resolving disputes demonstrates Amazon's commitment to maintaining a fair marketplace for both sellers and customers. This approach aligns with the evolving landscape of the digital economy, showcasing Amazon's leadership in adapting to new technologies and fostering trust among its users. In the meantime, if you're interested in exploring alternatives or similar products, you might want to check out this helpful link. It could provide you with some options to consider while waiting for the Roborock inventory to become available again on Amazon.

    Thanks for sharing this perspective!


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