The roborock doesn't clean all the way up to the kkckboards in our kitchen under the cabinets. There is a huge pile of debris there each time it cleans where it seems to give a space of a couple of inches between itself and the kick board.

I think the radar or whatever is sensing the cabinets (which are higher than the roborock, but essentially at "eye height" for the device). Once it senses the cabinets, it doesn't seem to realize it can get its edge under the cabinets to sweep our the debris up to the kick board. Perhaps there should be a software update to better tell it is in a kitchen and can get up under those cabinets to vacuum to the kick board? We now have to sweep after every time it vacuums because it leaves huge piles of debris in front of the cabinets. M

Our Roomba never had this issue so we are thinking we might return this and switch.

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  • Hello,

    what is the model number of your robot?

    You can send us a short video of the abnormal behavior. Also, you can send us the device info and purchase info, including seller's name, purchase date and order number.

    Note: You can email us these info, and our agent will continue to help The email address is

  • Same here. It wont go under my bed, and the map show my bed as a wall..

    RR_SupportStaff Member07/22/2021      11:58

    Hi, we've replied you in another forum discussion. You can check it and give it a try.


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