Roborock doesn't connect to the phone

Roborock doesn't connect to the phone

Hello. My new Roborock E4 doesn't connect to the phone, almost all the time its out of network. Sometimes Wifi turns on for a moment and then turns off. What could be the problem with?

Model : roborock.vacuum.a01, 

Serial number : , MI ID : 1724367896, 

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  • Hi,

    Please select "Roborock E series" to add the E4.

    Could you use another phone to take a video showing how you connect device to app and send us the video? We believe video could help us figure out a solution.

    We suggest you put phone's camera close to phone screen. Besides, also record how wifi indicator(see attached picture) flashes in connection process.

    You could upload video to google drive and share us the link if video file is large.

    You can connect it to the mobile hotspot to have a try.

    You must get 2 smart phones( A and B) .

    1. Enable phone A's hotspot in phone's setting and create a name and password of hotspot.

    2. Use phone B to install app and try to make robot cleaner connect hotspot sent from phone A.

    Forget about the wifi from router in the whole process.

    Oleksandra Viazovska
    Oleksandra Viazovska01/12/2021      04:33


    Here is a link with the video.

    Also I couldn't connect to mobile hotspot since it is not able with my mobile carrier.



    RR_SupportStaff Member01/13/2021      07:56
    @Oleksandra Viazovska:

    We suggest you restore device to its factory default. 

    Hold the power button and recharge button all together while the device is on until you hear "Restoring factory settings" voice alert.

    The robot will then be restored to factory settings. Ignore the "Reset wifi" voice alert.


    1. Factory default restore will disconnect RoboVac from Wi-Fi. Please re-add it after factory default restore.

    2. Factory default restore will also make RoboVac's firmware version go back to the original one when it was made in the factory. After factory default restore, you can go to RoboVac's setting--genera setting--check for updates to upgrade its firmware to latest one.

    3. Factory default restore will delete all your setting on device like scheduled cleaning.

    4. Factory default restore will delete every single cleaning log including every cleaning's duration, size, and map. The total duration, total times of cleaning, and total size will be still kept there.

    Oleksandra Viazovska
    Oleksandra Viazovska01/13/2021      14:30

    Thanks for y our reply. We did it twice, didn't help.

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