S5 Max Maximum Mapping Range?

S5 Max Maximum Mapping Range?

For convenience our Roborock S5 Max 's docking station is located at the very far end of our 'Rectangle' shaped house being ~98ft in width. Everytime I try and create a map (clean) it always leaves off the last 12 feet at the other end of the house missing two rooms. Does the S5 Max have a max range distance from the charging station? I've tried remote controlling the device at the end of a clean to the missing area but it just creates a new map.

Just some suggestions re the mapping ability:

  1. Enable 'mapping mode' where the Roborock doesnt clean but travels the outer boundary of the location to create a map
  2. Enbale remote controlling within a map
  3. Allow selection of Map areas (rooms, no go points) in enabling their deleting/recreation without having to create a new map.
  4. Enable virtual positioning of the Roborock or its charging station using the map to correct the Roborock for those times it gets confused and thinks it and the charging station are in a differing room. Turning the unit off an on and restoring the map seems to work in alleviating, sometimes.
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  • The max range is 50m*50m and dock should be placed in the central area.

    But this is only for reference.

    Generally we would suggest cx to place dock in a relatively central area of the house in case any map issue.


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