S5 Max mopping issue

S5 Max mopping issue

Hi all!

I received my S5 Max a couple days ago now and it's great! Really love it! Except I have one issue and that is mopping. As you can see in the pictures the mop leaves just 2 stripes... I tried everything but I can't get it to work normally. Anybody any tips? I tried wetting the mop (then it's fine for a couple of feet). I have the water flow set to max. Disabled carpet boost, did al the tank tests.. Nothing works. When I remove the moppad itself and leave the mop attachment on it makes 2 interrupted lines. Can please someone do the same on there unit and post a picture of it? When I power off and power on the unit it leaves a continuous flow of water (I guess to prime the moppig pad?) like to hear from you guys! Thanks alot!

With mopping pad:

After powering it off and on it leaves a continuous flow of water for a couple of feet

But after that I purges water and no continues flow

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  • Hi, thanks for reaching out.

    The phenomenon you described is actually normally. The water flow is controlled by algorithm to ensure the best mopping efficiency.

    Actually, you can set the water level to maximum to see how long a full tank of water can last when the water flow is set to max. Normally, it'll last for about 80 mins. If the flow is within normal range, it's possible the floor may absorb water, and therefore leave the streaks. But that won't affect the mopping performance.

    Auke01/30/2021      09:08

    Thanks! But can you explain why the mop leaves stripes?

    RR_SupportStaff Member02/02/2021      12:32

    Hi, thanks for your reply. If the water flow is normal (a full tank of water lasts for about 80 mins under high water flow), it's possible the floor absorbs water and therefore, there will be streaks left.


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