Dock position on different maps

Dock position on different maps

So my roborock is cleaning upstairs and the dock is downstairs. Why does it think the dock is upstairs as well? There is an area on the upstairs map it won't clean as it thinks the dock is there. Surely it is simple logic to pin the dock to one map and when the vacuum is working on a different map it just returns to the start position when it is finished.

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  • Hi, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Could you please send us some pictures to show the two maps?

    Please make sure the steps you've taken to create the multiple-floor maps are correct. Please follow the instructions below to avoid errors.

    1. Tap the "Edit map" button on the bottom right corner of the map, and choose "My Map" from the pop-up banner.

    2. Turn on the "Map saving (Beta)" function, switch the "Home" section from "Single-story" to "Multi-story". Please make sure you've tapped the checkmark icon on the top right corner of the screen after you've chosen "Multi-story", otherwise the setting wouldn't be saved.

    3. Please create the map for the main floor by tapping the "Create", and then the"Clean"option. Make sure the robot starts from the dock and returns to the dock, without interruption during the process.

    4. When you plan to create the map for the second floor, please make sure there's WIFI coverage there.

    5. Make sure the robot is now located on the other floor. Then press "Create", and "Clean". The robot will speak "Starting to clean". Please wait until it completed the cleaning, and don't manually move the robot or interrupt the process.


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