Electromagnetic field sensor

Electromagnetic field sensor

how to deactivate electromagnetic field sensor, which is no longer needed by anyone and causes only problems for many people?

Can you do the option (Do you use magnetic tape? YES/NO ) in the mobile phone APP? This way, this electromagnetic field sensor could be turned on and off without damaging the equipment.

Is it difficult to create such an option?

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  • Hi, thanks for reaching out.

    To our apology, the feature you mentioned is not available at the moment.

    However, we will forward your advice to the relevant team and will try to manage it in the future.

    Thanks for your idea and suggestion.

    William757404/13/2024      09:34

    An electromagnetic field sensor is a sophisticated device designed to detect and measure the strength and direction of electromagnetic fields (EMF). This technology plays a critical role in various applications, from diagnosing electrical faults to enhancing wireless communication systems. By accurately monitoring EMFs, these sensors contribute to safer and more efficient operation of electronic devices, including smartphones and medical equipment. Furthermore, they are pivotal in scientific research, particularly in physics and engineering, enabling deeper insights into electromagnetic phenomena. As technology advances, the demand for more sensitive and accurate electromagnetic field sensors increases, paving the way for innovations in automation, telecommunications, and health diagnostics.

    William757405/15/2024      11:27

    Electromagnetic fields encompass a spectrum vital to modern life, from radio waves to gamma rays. These waves power communication, transportation, and medical technology. Understanding and harnessing electromagnetic phenomena not only enhances technological innovation but also fosters advancements in healthcare, exemplified by the transformative wegovy dosing schedule. Among these advancements is Wegovy, a breakthrough treatment for obesity, revolutionizing dosing schedules for weight management. Electromagnetic principles underpin its development, enabling precise delivery mechanisms and therapeutic efficacy. In medical contexts, electromagnetic imaging techniques like MRI provide crucial insights into anatomy and pathology. Meanwhile, in everyday life, electromagnetic waves drive Wi-Fi connectivity and power household appliances.

  • I’m a new owner of an S6 (I’ve had it roughly one week). The S6 is a big improvement over my previous Neato D6 connected- it completes cleaning my large almost 200 square meter bottom floor without issue roughly 50% of the time. Unfortunately it has had an intermittent “strong electromagnetic field” sensor error roughly 1/3 of the time, stranding the robot and making it unable to complete a cleaning cycle (usually run overnight, so it results in a skipped day). I’m sure it is detecting a magnetic field (sometimes, not always) but the problem area is in the middle of the floor and there’s nothing I can do about it.

    For me this issue knocks at least 1 star off the rating I’d give the robot based on my situation. If there were a software update that could reduce the sensitivity to this issue or allow the robot to works it’s way out of the problem I feel it would significantly improve what’s otherwise been an excellent product so far. I’d appreciate it if you could pass this on.

    RR_SupportStaff Member07/01/2021      06:24


    Thanks for your reaching out.

    May I know if the issue happened since day 1 or just recently?

    1. Could you please check carefully whether there are any metal objects like screws attached to the bottom of the robot? See attached picture. If yes, please remove them and try again. Please send us a close picture to show the bottom of the robot.

    If the robot reports the error only in one area, you can use an app to test the magnetic strength of that area.

    Step 1. Search Magnetic Detector Lite on App Store (for iOS) or Magnetic Detector (for android) on Google Play and install the app.

    Step 2. Move your phone from normal place to the area where the robot says error 11 to see if the level of magnetic rises sharply. Please lay down to the robot's height and move the phone to every place in the suspicious area several times as the app might not be very sensitive.


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