Large house cleaning - S5 does not finish

Large house cleaning - S5 does not finish

From what I saw in a response to another customer, the Roborock vacuum will not resume cleaning four a fourth round. For example:

  1. Cleaning activated when the vacuum is at 100%, robot will clean to 20% (round 1), dock, and then charge back to 80%.
  2. Robot will clean to 20% (round 2), dock, and then charge back to 80%.
  3. Robert will clean to 20% (round 3), dock, and then charge back to 100%.
  4. Cleaning stops - no round 4 - EVEN IF there are mapped areas that are not complete (this is our scenario).

First - is this correct in how the software is supposed to work? I have the Roborock S5 (model S501-01).

Second, what is the workaround for this as our house is big enough where we need a fourth round? Can we up the charging value to 95 or 100 before Roborock starts round 2 and 3? A manual workaround would obviously be to block an area of the house, let it finish everything but the blocked area, let it recharge, then have it do the blocked area - a bit frustrating to have to do that when one would think a software fix would allow the robot to perform unlimited cleaning rounds until it was done.

Finally, it also sounds like there is no way to have the vacuum finish a job by manually starting the cleaning process before 80% charge. For example, say there was a smaller space where the vacuum had like 10% floor area left to vacuum after the first round (battery 20% and Roborock docks). Is there no way to restart the vacuum when the battery was at say 50% just to finish the last 10% instead of having to wait until 80%? This obviously is not our main issue as Roborock will not even finish one full go around of our entire floor, but I am just curious as to the answer to this question.


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  • Hi, thanks for reaching out.

    May I know the size of your house? Could you please send us a screenshot to show your the history cleanup map when the robot didn't finish one full go around the entire floor?

    fcastle04/27/2021      02:31

    Hello, and thank you for the response. Our main floor is 3800 sq ft. Below is the screen shot. It was at that point in cleaning (three rounds) that Roborock went back to the dock and charged to 100% without finishing. You can see in the bottom right corner the rooms it did not finish. The one on the bottom it even started. The reason it says "cleaning interrupted" is because the main brush was jammed (it does that on our carpet sometimes) and we just hit "clean" to start it up again.

    RR_SupportStaff Member04/27/2021      11:26

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Do you have any screenshot where the cleanup isn't interrupted?

    Will there be something like “could not continue cleaning” like in the picture below?

    fcastle04/28/2021      20:23

    Unfortunately not. Every time we use the vacuum for our whole house, it always gets "jammed" on our berber carpet. We go into the app and select "clean" without touching the vacuum, and it started up again (the vacuum is not really jammed, it must just think it is when it has to work hard against certain spots in the carpet). I have never seen "could not continue cleaning".

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