How to get S7 to vacuum a no mop zone?

How to get S7 to vacuum a no mop zone?

I set no mop zones where I have rugs assuming the S7 would still vacuum that spot when the schedule is set for Vacuum Only. But the S7 just treats the no mop zone like a no go zone. Is there a way to set this so it still vacuums the rug? I have a different schedule for mop days.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Here's how no mop zone works:

    Robot won't go to the no-mop zone on map when mopping module is installed.

    No-mop zone becomes invalid when mopping module is removed.

    For S7, you can try and set the carpet mode as Rise. Then the robot will raise the mop by 5mm when it detects carpet, and won't release water on the carpet. The robot will vacuum the carpet only.

  • If, as Support Staff indicates (8/20/21), the Robot won't go to a no mop zone when the mop module is attached, what's the advantage of a no-mop zone vs just setting a no-go zone? It seems that the result is the same- the robot won't go to either as I assume that the robot won't go to a no-go zone, regardless of whether the mop module is attached. This also means that once the mop module is attached, there's no option available to both vacuum and mop only a portion of a floor (e.g. traffic lane), and vaccum, but not mop, the remainder. Too bad since mopping only a portion of a floor and vacuuming the remainer is all that is sometimes needed or desired. I learned the hard way after spending considerable time carefully setting no-mop zones, thinking that the robot would still vacuum areas within the no-mop zones. Not so! This would also seem to affect carpet. Low pile carpet situations are addressed by the "rise" function and allow vacuuming only to take place on the carpet. But medium or high pile carpet must have a no-mop zone set - but if this is done the robot won't vacuum the carpet, leaving the only option to remove the mop module. Very confusing! A software fix could address this! At minimum the manual should specify this limitation.

    RR_SupportStaff Member12/16/2021      16:31

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    The device is able to not release water on carpeted area, but since the mop already gets dirty and wet when it's cleaning in other areas, setting it simply to vacuum and not to mop may not leave the carpet dirty and wet. That's one of the concerns.

    We apologize again for the inconvenicence caused and will report the issue to our tech team and hope they can manage it in the future.

    FizzerFitz09/07/2022      14:25

    Just chiming in here, while your response makes sense, there really should be some different language on the no-mop feature as it makes zero sense in practice. Wasted a good bit of time and frustration myself trying to get the no-mop zones working before finding this answer.

    A warning in the software would go a very long way - my rugs are fine given the vibrarise feature, but I don't like how a dedicated mopping run still goes over every inch of the floor, carpets included when I already set it to clean those areas earlier in the day sans mopping. Beyond the time sink and needless noise around, it wears the rugs down more than it should.

    I have a MaxV Ultra, so removing the mopping pad for the no-mop zones defeats the purpose IMO. Thanks for listening, fantastic product in most other regards.

    RR_SupportStaff Member09/12/2022      14:04

    Hi, thanks for posting. We're always looking for ways to improve the user experience and we appreciate your feedback. Indeed a warning in the software will be very helpful. The dedicated mopping cycle should avoid the carpeted area as well. We'll forward your feedback to our tech team and hope they can manage them in the future.

  • I also agree with the feedback shared here. Just signed up to chime in, first I was confused why did the S7 not vacuum the carpet consider its set to "Rise" mode, and then I tried to send it by creating zone clean jobs over the carpet and kept getting errors could not reach the area, but seeing as it only happened on no-mop zone I had a suspicious it had something to do with it but it didn't make sense.

    Ideally this is what I'm trying to do:

    • No mop zone is just that, don't use the mop on it but vacuum it, there's a no-go zone if I don't want to vacuum it, now the no-mop + mop bracket works like a no-go zone. I put it up because I noticed during a mop session it would go over the carpet as well and I wanted it to avoid that entirely because my carpet is a bit bulky and the mop made it wet.
    • When everything is installed, just vacuum everything thats not a no-go zone, and don't mop anything that a no-mop zone. Right now it just avoids the whole no-mop zone with the mop bracket installed. And tries to accidentally mop my carpet without a no-mop zone by going over it over and over in a cleaning pattern. Confusing.

    For now it probably makes most sense for me to avoid the medium carpet as a no-mop zone, which means it also won't get vacuumed because I always have the bracket installed and do vac+mop jobs, and just human vacuum the medium pile carpet on my regular full-house cleaning schedule anyway. Set the S7 to Rise so it can at least handle the low pile mat. Not ideal, but close enough.

  • I am having the same problem and it is incredibly frustrating. The only difference for me is that my no mop zone is not carpet related, but rather stone tile that will react poorly to the cleaning solution used on our hardwoods.

    One of the main reasons I bought the s7 was because I was led to believe that the robot would still vacuum in the no mop zone. This has severely reduced the value I believed I was getting from my purchase and hope it will be fixed with a software update.

  • Adding my voice to the choir, not realizing until I found this thread, that no-mop zones are effectively no-go zones without removing the mop attachment; and I hope this is updated in the future. It also seems trivial to add an option to have it act the way it does now, in case someone still prefers it.

  • This seems like an oversight in the mopping algorithm that has a very simple solution. Sure, it may be hard to find a solution that works for everyone, but there are many ways to fix this. For example, there could be a setting that allows the robot to still enter no-mop zones, which will raise the mop. Or, there could be a new "mop rise" zone where the mop must be raised and no water output in that area. These little things could solve this issue for many users.

    TheLaw06/12/2023      03:58

    Assuming this simple fix will never happen, since it's been two years. Most the YouTube reviews of these bots are bought and paid for, so they overlook many simple major issues intentionally. At this price point it's sad.

  • I have to chime in with everyone else. While the robot is in mop mode, it should be possible to have the robot skip carpeted area or it should be possible to have a no-mop zone that the robot will vacuum. Currently my robot drives over every inch of a carpeted area in mop mode, but this should only happen in vacuuming mode.

  • Dam it. This is just a simple firmware or software update but they dont fix it. And the robot is thousand dollar. Holy


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