S7 bumper stuck error 2

S7 bumper stuck error 2

Bought two s7s for my two floor townhouse. One of the s7s work fine, the other get 4-5 "bumper stuck" errors every cleaning run.

I swapped them around and confirmed there's something wrong with that one robot that keeps getting the error.

I had a friend buy this in the U.S. and shipped it to me in Canada. I tried asking support for help, but they weren't willing to pay for the import fees of cross border shipping.

I'm currently trying to figure out what I can do by myself. Should I open up the robot and attempt to see what I can do? Do they sell spare parts somewhere? Are there any guides to self-servicing these bots?

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  • Hi, we feel sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    May I know if you've tried the methods below?

    1. Raise the robot up, and clap the bumper for several times.

    2. Use a blower to aim at the gaps between the robot and bumper, blow it.

    Opening the robot may need professional skills. Here's an instruction video of how to open it for your reference.


    Sea10/09/2021      19:00

    Hi I just got my brand new S7 and have same problem its stacking all the time calling Bumper Stack Error 2 but there is nothing blocking the bumper and no even a dust as it is brand new. I have spoken with some service and heard that it is known problem with some S7 units connected with some faulty assembly and there is some fix for it – but they do not want to advise. Can you advise how to fix it please?



    RR_SupportStaff Member10/13/2021      15:47

    Hi, thanks for reaching out. May I know if you've tried the methods we provided?

    1. Raise the robot up, and clap the bumper for several times.

    2. Use a blower to aim at the gaps between the robot and bumper, blow it.

    If that fails to solve the issue, there may be something wrong with the robot, and it may need to be repaired. Please don't worry about it. You can reach to support@roborock.com to get further assistance. Please do not forget to provide your purchase info and the device's SN.

  • I purchased an S7 to replace our S6 which we are now using in the basement. The new S7 is constantly giving bumper stuck errors even when it by itself in the middle of the floor. I’ve tried clapping the bumpers and blowing out with compressed air, same issue how can I fix it? It is not. Completing a cycle of cleaning without a bumper error. Please help!



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