S7 suction problem/reduced suction

S7 suction problem/reduced suction

Noticed a problem with my S7 not having as much suction as it did a while ago. Had replaced the filter cartridge recently. Called support. Tech directed to look with a flashlight into the little duct on the side of the hole where the dust bin goes, where the air comes out of the dust bin and goes out through the vacuum. There is a small duct with a screen down inside there that you can just make out. Mine was full of dust and fuzz. I sprayed compressed air into the spot on the outside of the vacuum where the exhaust air comes out and the blew all the dust and fuzz out of the screen inside the exhaust port. Problem solved! Hope this helps someone else!

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  • Hi, thanks for sharing the information with us!

    That sounds very helpful! If possible, can you please share with us a picture of the part where you're referring to? It may help other people who are having the problem!

    Best regards.

    Ezekielles03/15/2024      09:35

    A tech support tip suggests using a flashlight to inspect the small duct on the side of the dust bin hole where the air exits the vacuum. Inside, you may find a screen clogged with dust and fuzz, inhibiting airflow. By using smart whip balloon compressed air to blow out the debris from both the outside exhaust port and the screen inside, you can restore your vacuum's performance effectively.

  • I just removed a huge cake of dust from that filter. Tanks for the tip!

    My S7 is a few years old. Huge fail that Roborock doesn't warn about that! Way more relevant than cleaning the sensors or changing the brush.


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