Charging problem Roborock S5

Charging problem Roborock S5

Hi, I have recently come across this problem when charging my Roborock S5.

It starts to charge correctly but after a short period (30 seconds - 3 minutes) it resposition itself by backning out and into the charging station and continues to charge. This repeates a couple of times until it gives an Error 13.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    1. If there're some stains or rust on the charging contacts on the dock or underneath of the robot, please use a piece of cloth moistened with alcohol solution or an eraser to remove them.

    2. If you have wiped charging contacts, could you send us pictures to show them?

    3. Please check if the dock charger is working or not.

    The indicator light on top of the dock should be solid on without the robot and off with the robot placed on it.

    Kindly double confirm if the cable and the slot of the dock are well connected.

    Please push the cable head into the slot at bottom of the dock very hard. See the video below.

    4. Please unplug the charging dock, and leave it there for about 2 minutes. Then please re-plug it and try again.

  • Hi, 

    Has some other S5 proprietor encountered this situation: I put my S5 to perfect and saw my battery was around 40% (around 60% it takes to clean my loft). So my theory is here and there it doesn't dock accurately to charge, despite the fact that no blunder shows up, likewise, this doesn't imitate constantly, similar to 1 out of 5 cleans.

    emilyjohnson11/01/2021      09:36

    Thank you so much for this suggestion, it actually helped me a lot.


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