Robrock plus with alexa

Robrock plus with alexa

I used to select an individual room, my kitchen to be cleaned buy my roborock S6 using Alexa and this skill via voice command. It stopped working this week. Last week was working flawlessly to select rooms. Any change in the alexa skill? There have been no recent firmware changes for my roborock S6 and the skill still works with it to turn it on but not the select the individual room. Have no idea what happened

Thank you


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  • Figured it out from this post on Amazon

    "This roborock skillset does have the ability to send roborock to clean specific rooms by name but the issues may be more to do with Alexa not hearing the entire spoken roborock command line or hearing the room name accurately. 

    also, many folks dislike having to speak the long roborock command line each time to Alexa and prefers a shorter simpler command line like "Alexa, clean kitchen" 

    So as a solution, you'll need to create custom routines within the Alexa app to basically have alexa speak or repeat the long robo rock command line to itself whenever you use simple commands

    Example of the alexa routine:

    If Alexa hears "alexa, clean bedroom"

    Alexa action "alexa, ask robo rock to clean bedroom"

    If Alexa hears "alexa, max mode"

    Alexa action "alexa, ask robo rock to switch to max mode"

    When selecting alexa actions, choose custom action and fill in with the appropriate commands from roborock skills and make sure the room names match the one created within your roborock map.

    Also, be sure to use "robo rock" with a space between robo and rock, else will not work. That was my original mistake.

    I had to create more than 10 routines for roborock.. see photo. But cleaning specific rooms with Alexa by name is now so much easier and working consistently!

    Please note: this works and was tested for weeks on my roborock S6 pure. Your configuration, account linking and device might be different or skillset app failed to support older models.

    I do enjoy this skillset very much but recently, I'm having issues with alexa skillset stop functioning and having to unlink and relink to work again. So roborock can fix this glitch."

    So now I say robo rock instead of roborock works. Have to emphasize the space!


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