Access to Roborock API

Access to Roborock API

I'm probably not the first one requesting this, so here we go again. It would be truely fantastic to have access to the Roborock API, so that the vacuums can be integrated in other platforms for local control (like Home Assistant). Something like this would also be beneficial for the brand, due to more exposure towards potential new customers and home automation enthusiasts.

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  • I am commenting to express my support of this feature request.

  • I second this, I don't want to use Xiaomi Mi app just because that's the only thing preventing me from using my robot in Home Assistant, please provide us a way to use our wonderful robots in Home Assistant without the need to discard the good app for a legacy one

  • After the hacky Xiaomi stuff in HA stopped working i only use the official Roborock app and i really whan't to use my S5 and S7 in HA so please listen to theese requests.

    Have a nice day

  • Commenting in support of this feature request

  • We need API access...the people have spoken!

  • I have been expressing this for a while! I willl not buy one until I'm able to integrate it to home assistant. I also need to figure out how to get the plumbing kit to work flawlessly as well

  • Amazing product so far, given the cost of the unit what is needed to provide an API? The communuty is providing your company with a ton of data. is it not fair to support the user here? In speaking with some friends the lack of an API is restricting your sales.

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    Please provide a way to show the device specific API tokens in the Roborock app. That is all you need to do. It does not matter if we need to factory reset the device to see the token only once during setup. We are willing to make that compromise.


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