My Roborock S6 keep failing positioning and shows awkward movements

My Roborock S6 keep failing positioning and shows awkward movements

Hi, my roborock S6 has been very flimsy these days.

I have been tolerating the issue that the moving location of charging dock around the map, since I can somehow fix it.

However since last month, the machine went out of my control. When it scans the perimeter of a selected room or region, it gets lost and start circling around the area over and over, or end up in a random area. It also seems to have forgotten how to clean in a straight motion.

I've tried all the possible means like cleaning the sensors, checking the map for multi-floor and updating the firmware. None prevailed.

Here's my roborock info - Model : roborock.vacuum.s6, Serial Number : R0341S03700134, MI ID : 6422584788, Firmware Version : 3.5.82700, Plug-In Version : MIMDX_2064, Wi-Fi Name : hosea, IP Address :, MAC Address : 64:90:C1:08:12:03, 

I bought this on Amazon last year and it's frustrating that it starts breaking even before a year (ORDER # 114-2626620-7064206).

I also attach a photo of a recent run and a photo of order details.

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  • Hello

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to Customer Support and we are sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your device.

    The recent map seems to be messed up. May I know if you issue will happen or not when creating a new map?


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