Auto wash dock standalone

Auto wash dock standalone

When will the auto wash dock be available as a separate item, for those of us that bought the S7MaxV on launch?

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  • I am in the same boat and hope it will be for sale soon. I recently switched my long time ownership of roombas 6 total because Roborock it’s better but I also paid more than I ever did with the roombas and now I wonder if I made a mistake because I don’t see Roborock selling spares parts like wheels (which will wear), water bins, batteries or the small front wheel which also wears fast.

  • Hello, please stay tuned and we will announce it on our forum as fast as we get the news.

  • My wife was able to purchase the S7Maxv-Ultra yesterday and it gave us a ship date of May 25th.

    So hopefully that is a good estimation of availability for you.

    Pwerboost 05/05/2022      15:24
    @Epic Cajun:

    That's for the S7 Max Ultra so the vacuum and auto wash dock. we are asking about the Auto wash dock station as we already purchase the S7 Max Ultra vacuum, There is not date of launching yet even worse some people all over the internet is even asking if it is going to be offer as standalone and nobody from Roborock has made the time to at least answer that. which I strongly believe is going to be available in the future but people wanted to hear it from the manufacture. Shame the staff members here doesn't know anything about the company or products they sell, many technical questions people ask here get a similar answer with " stay tuned and we will announce" scary this kind of support after you drop over $1300 dollars for their product.

    RR_DiscussionStaff Member05/06/2022      03:41
    @Pwerboost :

    Hello there, great news! Our Empty Wash Fill Dock will be available on 6/8/2022, there will be the special benefit and the stock is limited. 🙂

    JimR06/05/2022      18:45

    I'm also waiting (im?)patiently for availability of the Empty Wash Fill Dock. Is there any sign-up list to get notified when it is available (re: 6/8/2022 date given above)?

  • Does the bundle come in separate boxes between the vaccum and the dock? I ordered the new bundle and I'll return the standalone when the bundle comes. I have the boxes, but tbh I am hoping I can just return the vacuum I get in the bundle as the standalone so I dont have to resetup the new one.

    RR_SupportStaff Member02/02/2023      14:26

    Thanks for reaching out. The bundle will come in one box.


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