S6 Has Error 5 (main brush blocked or filter wet)

S6 Has Error 5 (main brush blocked or filter wet)

I have the error 5 coming up erroneously with my S6. Error 5 is claiming that the filter is either wet or blocked asking me to check the filter and brush before randomly reducing the cleaning speed and then stopping. I have cleaned the bearings and brush to ensure there are no obstructions. I have bought a new filter and the error keeps on occurring claiming that the filter is blocked and wet. This then causes the product to stop mid cycle. I also checked and the 'carpet boost' setting was on. Can I get help to troubleshoot this error?

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  • Hi, thanks for reaching out.

    For the error 10 you could try the methods below.

    1. Empty the dust bin. Clean the filter and dry it outside in the sunshine for at least 12 hours.

    2. Replace the filter with a brand new one from the original package box if there is. Then please reboot your device to see if the error will go away (take the robot off the dock, then long press the power button to switch it off and then press the same button to turn it back on).

    3. Please send us some pictures to show both sides of your filter.

    4. Change the cleaning mode to balance/normal and see if the issue persists.

    5. Try to upgrade the firmware version of your robot.

    6. Clap the fan slightly like the video below.

    As for error 5, may I know if the issue happened on both hardfloor and carpet or just carpet?

    Mrs. C
    Mrs. C03/13/2023      14:55

    This is not a helpful answer. This is a known issue all over the Internet and caused me to regret buying this vacuum. This happens with BRAND NEW, official filters, cleaned fliter and compartment, and makes this vacuum useless. I have tried everything to stop this but to no avail. It’s pretty much now a paperweight.

    RR_SupportStaff Member03/16/2023      13:32
    @Mrs. C:

    Hello, thanks for reaching out. If the above mentioned methods didn't work, would you please reach out to our support team at support@roborock.com(if you are in EU, contact support@roborock-eu.com) so that we can better assist? 


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