Main brush issue

Main brush issue


I am so annoyed with this error message. Need to babysit the whole time and keep pusing the start button.

Error Message: Roborock S6: Main brush jammed. Remove and clean the main brush and bearings

I went thru cleaned the main brush few times, wiped it clean in all of the reachable areas, Made sure no hair is stuck in the spinning side of the brush. Same issue.

I had the same issue when it was in the warranty, sent it in and your team did some cleaning and then it was working for few months (basically 4 or 5 months).

after paying more than $500 for this device it is not helping me, but it is causing me more issues and wasting my time.

any help would be great

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to Customer Support and we are sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your device.

    Please try the steps below:

    1. Check if there is anything entangled in the main brush, including the brush itself, its two ends, and the 2 slots in the housing for installing the brush. See attached picture "main brush slots". Could you please send us some pictures to show them?

    2. Have you replaced your main brush? If so, where did you buy it?

    3. Please test if the robot will report the error on both hard floor and carpet.

    If the robot reports the error only on carpet, but works fine on hard floor:

    1) Please enable carpet mode. If the mode is on, the robot will automatically increase the suction to max when it's on carpet. See attached picture.

    2) Upgrade your firmware to the latest version.

  • In addition to what RR_Support said, there is an additional option you can try.

    Replace the S6 bristle brush with an S7 Rubber Main Brush (roller). I discovered this solution after buying a second vacuum the Q5. I own both a S5 & Q5 and they both use the a S7 Rubber Roller. After one cleaning with the S5, the metal bars at the bottom of the cover create two clean slices in the rubber roller. Basically, creating a perfect fitting regardless. I haven't had any issues with clogs or anything. I suspect the S6 might use the same fitting.

    I'm adding a disclaimer. To be crystal clear the S7 Rollers were not built for the S6, but for me they worked. And has worked even better than the bristle brush. I haven't had any jamming issues or vacuum issues in (2 months and counting).

    I saw your post and figured I'd throw in my 2 cents. The vacuum was a massive headache on carpets with bristle brushes.


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