Adding fresh water line and dirty water lines to the S7 Dock

Adding fresh water line and dirty water lines to the S7 Dock

I love this machine, my entire house is tile flooring and it is hard to keep up with cleaning it everyday. Having a dog doesn't help. My only gripe is having to change the water tanks because I run the machine twice a day.

I also created a spot inside one of the cabinets for it to chill.

Fresh water modification

I 3d printing an adapter for the dirty tank and I believe the sensor to detect the dirty water tank is just a reed switch so I will find a magnet to tape on it. I used a dirty water coupler (used in reverse osmosis systems) for the outlet and connected it to the dishwasher outlet thing under the sink.

The 3d printed part should fit over the dirty water port on the dock. To be determined though how this will go.

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  • Added usb pump and float switch to drain dirty water tank when it gets past 50%

    alexanderloew04/29/2024      22:11

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    It is so difficult to keep up with the daily cleaning of my tile flooring geometry dash

  • I was wrong about how the dirty water tank works, so I put a mini aquarium pump inside with a float sensor to empty it

    abebebikila04/29/2024      01:05

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