Issues with S7 MaxV Ultra - 3 days old!

Issues with S7 MaxV Ultra - 3 days old!

Hi, just got it 3 days old. Went into every imaginable menu. I'm experiencing few issues and have few questions. 

2 story building + basement. Dock on 1st flr. Firmware up-to-date 02.54.16. Android App Data Saver off. Battery unrestricted.. I've got the Auto empty on & at Smart. Home on Multi-level with Smart Recognition.

1st story map was great vacuum/mop worked nicely. Mapped. Was able to divide rooms manually. Got few fails. but exit menu, enter menu again. room diving worked. 

Today, I wanted to introduce the 2nd floor. Quick map worked nicely. 

Then, it started vacuum/mop. 40 or so min later, need to wash mop and low water. 

Ok, I carried it downstairs. put it in front of dock to let it find its way back to the dock. ok done. 

Charging. still complains about mop. didn't trigger its own clean. Fine. Clicked Clean. 

left dock. started looking around. decided it's time to clean the mop. back to dock.

1) BUT as it's doing that, Robo, not so smart, perhaps figured it's on 1st floor, but it's still showing me 2nd flr map! it's supposed to understand itself. How can I tell it to change to correct map? I've 2 maps. How do I switch maps??

2) Where is the self-trigger wash/empty? is it only Room by Room and by Mins? can I not trigger this on my own?

3) Also, dock is right above the wifi 6E router in the basement. no data is being consumed by any device at the moment. I've got full wifi on my phone next to the dock. Checking with Analiti, Wi-fi Analyzer..

Robo says "Network Slow, please wait" for the past 5 mins. waited few mins. go back to menu and into robo again works. but why get the error? 

4) from hardwood to tile, some rooms have risers, so Robo couldn't enter the rooms. I'll find solution for it. So, these locations are not mapped. How can I have it manually get it to go into the room (as in carry) but still be able to map it as an extension from the hallway?? 

5) I've fireplace hearth like 2" or something off the ground. Made the mistake of trusting it as I left home for it to map the 1st floor. It butchered the limestone fireplace hearth trying to get on it a 1000 times. I caught it little late by remote view. Less Collision Mode On! 

6) What's the best way to handle doors if I want it to clean behind the door as well? leave them full open?, leave them half way open? I left some half way open. Robo detected door as a wall. It has the power to push things, why is it not pushing the doors?  

7) if I get another dock, will it confuse Robo? 

Thanks in advance! 

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  • 1) The robot is able to detect which floor it's on based on its surrounding environment. But sometimes the environment may change and it may misidentify the floor. You can set floor recognition as Manual Map Switching and switch map manually as instructed below:

    2) Where is the self-trigger wash/empty? is it only Room by Room and by Mins? can I not trigger this on my own?

    The self trigger wash happens every time robot leaves dock and returns to dock. You can start it manually during cleaing by pressing Docked button (when robot on dock), then there will be the option to start Wash/Empty. You can press the same button during clean and there will be several options as well.

    3) It's likely there's some temporary Internet fluctuation and therefore the message.

    4) For the risers, if you manually carry the robot over, for the short term it may work. But in the long run, the map may get a bit messed up. If possible, you can set up some helper like mat to help the robot cross over.

    5) Some of the obstacles may not be able to be recognized by the robot. If there's such areas where robot may be in danger, please set up no-goz one just to be on the safe side.

    6) If you want to clean the door behind, leaving it open will allow the robot to clean behind. There is a chance the robot may push the door or recognize it as wall. It may depends on the resistence it feels on its bumper and laser.

    7) if I get another dock, will it confuse Robo? 

    No, it won't. Robot will return to where it's started. If it's not able to find that, it will search for other dock signal.

    Best regards.

    XtremeMaC10/05/2022      20:59

    Hi! Thank you so much for the quick response. Seems I hadn't changed my profile settings to receive email upon response. So, I'm just seeing this. Had figured a few in the mean time.

    Thanks again!!

    RR_SupportStaff Member10/07/2022      10:55

    you're welecome and have a nice day!


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