Can the S7 scratch delicate floors?

Can the S7 scratch delicate floors?


i'm thinking of buying a S7 but found some articles of people complaining about scratches on their floor because of the four tips of the brush cover touching the floor.

see here;

Is this a risk or did this happen because of wrong usage?

Thanks a lot!


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  • And here is a link to a video where it's mentioned

    Here from 7:14

    RR_SupportStaff Member11/10/2022      03:44

    Hello, thanks for reaching out. The wheels of robot touching your floor directly are made of rubber. Our robot is floor friendly designed and has been tested in the lab without causing damage to floors. Please also clean the main brush and its cover regularly in case there may be some foreign objects get entangled on the brush and cause potential risk. Also please make sure the the main brush cover is installed properly just in case. There are 4 tabs on the main brush cover. They should be inserted into the 4 corresponding slots on the main brush housing. 

    Blackpaw05/06/2023      15:25

    Did you test on polished hardwood floors? that seems to be the main area of complaints

    RR_SupportStaff Member05/09/2023      07:49

    Our robot has been tested in the lab without causing damage to floors. 

  • Here are a few points to consider:

    Flooring Type: Different types of flooring can react differently to contact with the brush cover's tips. Softer or more delicate flooring materials might be more susceptible to scratches.

    Brush Cover Condition: If the brush cover is worn out or damaged, it might have sharper edges that could potentially cause scratches. Regular maintenance and replacement of parts can help mitigate this.

    Usage: Incorrect usage, such as excessive force, prolonged contact in a specific spot, or aggressive cleaning modes, could contribute to the risk of scratches. I like to come home after work and relax in online casinos, sometimes it happens that I win more than my salary, by the way, first I read about casinos here and then I think what to choose. Preventive Measures: To minimize the risk of scratches, you could consider using the mop attachment on the S7 when cleaning hard floors. Additionally, you might want to periodically inspect the brush cover for any signs of damage and replace it if necessary.

    User Experience Varies: While some users have reported this issue, many others might not experience the same problem. Factors like the aforementioned flooring type and maintenance play a role in determining whether scratching occurs.


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