roborock s5 performs weird route

roborock s5 performs weird route

My roborock s5 lately is moving in weird way and cannot clean a single room. As you can see in the image it goes in circles. I cleaned the sensors but it didn't seem to help.

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  • We are sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your device.

    1. If the issue occurs when the water tank was installed, please uninstall the tank to see if the issue will go away.

    2. Please check if there's anything stuck in the wheels. You can press the wheels to see if they can depress and rebound freely and turn them to see if they can rotate freely.

    3. Does it happen on both carpet and hard floor? Did you wax your floor recently?

    4. Use a piece of wet cloth to clean the wall sensor and cliff sensor to have a try. 

  • As it turned out, a deep cleaning solved the issue. I needed to disassemble it but it wasn't difficult.

  • My S5 is doing the exact same. I’ve taken off the charger and rebooted multiple times, issue still remains.

  • Sensors are cleaned regularly, never use a water tank with this S5. Still issue that vacuum randomly cleans them gets lost in the room and can’t make it back to the charger.

    RR_SupportStaff Member04/20/2023      01:28

    Did you also try deleting and map and remap your house?

    If the issue still happens, we hope we could work with you to locate the cause and address it. Would you please contact us at you are in EU, contact that we can better assist?


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