2nd Floor? 2nd Dock?

2nd Floor? 2nd Dock?

We just purchased a S8 Pro, we have a multi-level townhouse. These robot don’t climb stairs yet, if the home base dock is located on the main floor, can we manually take the robot to upstairs and have it clean up there? If we do that, can I purchase a second dock for upstairs or will the robot NOT recognize two separate docks?

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  • I have a similar related question.... I have two levels to my home as well and have the robot and the dock on one of the levels. The S8 Pro Ultra has created maps for both levels and it successfully recognizes which level it is on when cleaning.

    When I start an "everywhere" job while it's on the level that has the dock, it undocks, cleans the mop and then starts the job. During the job, it periodically returns to the dock to clean the mop and then resumes. When the job is done, it returns to the dock, cleans the mop, empties the bin and charges. This is all great!

    What is the best procedure to clean (and mop) the level that does not have the dock? I know I can manually remove the robot from the dock, carry it to the other level and then through the app tell it to start an "everywhere" job. It does recognize that it's on the other level and will clean that level, but the mop is dry and had not been pre-cleaned as it was when doing the job on the level with the dock. How do I get it to clean the mop (and pre-moisten it) before starting a job for the other level (the one without a dock)? Also, when cleaning on the level without the dock, it obviously cannot automatically return to the dock toclean the mop or charge mid-job. Also, at the end of the job on the other level, what is the best practice for getting it to return to the dock, clean the mop, empty the bin and recharge? If I carry it to the main level and tell it to dock, it will successfully notice that it's on the level with the dock and will find the dock and start charging, but won't auto-clean the mop and won't auto-empty the bin. To do either, I need to manually instruct it to clean and empty via the app.

    So to summarize, when cleaning on the level with the dock, everything works great! When cleaning on the level without the dock, the robot seems to need a lot more manual intervention and doesn't do much of its automatic self-cleaning/emptying.

    Toofdocta05/10/2023      20:25

    Thank you for your feedback and experience! Very much appreciated. Question now is, can we purchase another dock for our second floor? Will our S8 recognize both docks? Can anyone from Roborock chime in? I don’t see anywhere on the website to purchase a separate dock (2nd dock)?

    RR_SupportStaff Member05/18/2023      04:59

    We are sorry to inform you the docking station of S8Pro Ultra is not available for standalone purchase.

    StuJStu08/18/2023      09:10

    I feel your pain as i have a similar issue. I dont think the software deals with multi levels at all well........ yet.

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