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  • Hello! Loving my new Q Revo! Though I had a couple things I'd love to see updated to the app!

    An option to adjust the default settings for cleaning would be great, like if I hit the home button on the robot itself, I'd like to set what I want it to do. Same for using a voice assistant. If I use the button or my voice assistant to start cleaning, it will vacuum and mop at the small time, even though I only need/want to dry vacuum.

    The option to set a time for the robot to go back and self empty may be used for some people with larger homes or larger messes. Much like how the robot will occasionally clean the mop based on time, the ability to have options for self emptying would be good too.

    I'd love another option for rugs. If I'm mopping only, having it just mop around the rug would be nice, rather than having to go across back and forth other it constantly.

    Above all, I'd love to see an antibacterial cleansing solution option, and the Silver Ion blocks available to purchase on the US store, instead of needing to go through AliExpress. They help a ton in keeping the tanks, docks, robots, and floors cleaner with less odors.

    Overall keep up the awesome work!

  • I have an S7 which I like using on a daily basis. The one and only difficulty is the mapping issue. App changes the charging spot which never moved a centimeter from the day 1. I fixed the problem with uploading a new map and going back again.

    But it will be a great improvement if u have a sparate MAP EDITOR !

    It is still easy to use on a mobile screen but an editor on a computer allowing to use a big screen will make a huge difference.

    Thanks in advance,

    Greetings from Turkey

  • Make the s7 empty itself after it completes a room. It has no empty bin feature and gets clogged up on big houses.

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  • Hello! Since the dustbin is so small can you guys make a setting where we can have it empty every 30 minutes or when it docks?

    Another thing is to please fix the capacitor. The charging contacts are getting over heated and causing buildup. This then messes up the robot and it becomes extremely inconvenient.

  • I think you can come with a firmware update to prevent getting unfounded error messages on the s4 when it gets stuck on carpet when there is no obstacle there. You said s4 is not for carpets and offered me a discount on a 5 or 6 I love the s4 and it does a great job on carpets until you get that error message. I’m pretty sure if you put your minds to it you can solve the problem

  • Create a function just for mopping only. The mopping only function will skip vacuuming the carpet. Only when it detects the floor it will do the mopping. It would be great if the vacuum can be turned off when mopping.

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  • Hello roborock. For the s7max v ultra can you enable mop then vacuum or vacuum then mop like the S8 has. Also can you have the robot go under couches especially since I can see it can fit under. And last how do you enable multi passes in vac mode.

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  • This might be a crazy idea but it is doable. In large areas home or commercial, especially small businesses sometimes have a larger than average home area of 2500sq ft + and using a Vacuum Robot to keep it clean is an amazing investment. My suggestion is.

    BATTERY Hot Swap. Make the station swap the battery in the robot with a fully charged one while the discharged one is getting charged in the station and retaining battery life while your robot continues cleaning the 2500sqft space. This is amazing for businesses which have tight schedules and only 6-8 hours closed time. Instead of having 2 robots to cleanup the space and have them disoriented themselves by misreading eachother's lidars. This is a perfect solution to solve the battery being charged fast and slowly draining it's lifetime.

    Attachments for Self filling water and self emptying in the waste is also an amazing addition to do. Just have storage for Cleaning solution. And dust bag. the dust bag is also something that is not good. Dust bin is the solution and then sell filters for the dust bin.

    Let me know what you think.

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  • It would be great to edit the map to identify fabric skirts, such as around a bed or couch. This way the robot knows it is safe to push through the "wall" it detected by lidar. I would like it to be able to vacuum under my couches and bed.


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  • Hi everyone,

    I’m experiencing some troubles with my S8 robot vacuum. It seems to constantly lose its way and gets stuck frequently. Just this morning, it managed to trap itself under the dining table among the chairs. I never faced such issues with my previous model, the v6 maxV, which navigated the same area flawlessly.

    The sensors are cleaned regularly, so I doubt that’s the problem. I’ve been using the S8 for about three months now and it’s been quite problematic. Could this be related to a quality issue with the S8, the current firmware version 2.16.02, or might it be a defect?

    Serial Number: R35EED32501344

    Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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