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About Suggestions Category

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  • I have an S7 which I like using on a daily basis. The one and only difficulty is the mapping issue. App changes the charging spot which never moved a centimeter from the day 1. I fixed the problem with uploading a new map and going back again.

    But it will be a great improvement if u have a sparate MAP EDITOR !

    It is still easy to use on a mobile screen but an editor on a computer allowing to use a big screen will make a huge difference.

    Thanks in advance,

    Greetings from Turkey

  • I think you can come with a firmware update to prevent getting unfounded error messages on the s4 when it gets stuck on carpet when there is no obstacle there. You said s4 is not for carpets and offered me a discount on a 5 or 6 I love the s4 and it does a great job on carpets until you get that error message. I’m pretty sure if you put your minds to it you can solve the problem

  • Create a function just for mopping only. The mopping only function will skip vacuuming the carpet. Only when it detects the floor it will do the mopping. It would be great if the vacuum can be turned off when mopping.

  • Make the s7 empty itself after it completes a room. It has no empty bin feature and gets clogged up on big houses.

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  • Hello roborock. For the s7max v ultra can you enable mop then vacuum or vacuum then mop like the S8 has. Also can you have the robot go under couches especially since I can see it can fit under. And last how do you enable multi passes in vac mode.


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