Questions, because the Manual and lack of how-to videos makes it difficult for new users

Questions, because the Manual and lack of how-to videos makes it difficult for new users

Here are questions I have, but first a bit of a rant. The manual for this device is pitiful and the website is no better. The company is completely missing out on the experience of a first time user and explaining concepts to them.


How does mopping work?

  • If you want to mop, do you have to always manually attach the mopper to the device or can you just leave it on all the time and it will mop and vacuum completely if you setup the schedule to do that?
  • Will it be effective at both?
  • Does it run a cycle of vacuuming first and then mopping if you have the mopper on?
  • Does it know the mopper is on and so will do it that way or is it only controlled by the schedule in the app?

Is mapping permanent?

  • Will the system adjust to dining table chairs being moved and come back to vacuum and mop under the table?
  • Do I need to tell it somehow to check for the chairs or tell it to always go back to it?
  • Do I need a different map for when I move the chairs?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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  • Hello, thanks for reaching out.

    For the model S8+, you can start vacuum only; mop only; or vac+mop cleaning via the app. In the tap where you select suction/mop, you will see 3 options:

    Vacuum and mop: you could choose different suction power and scrub intensity. The robot will vacuum and scrub at the same time;

    Vacuum: you could choose different suction power. The robot will vacuum only in this option;

    Mop: you could choose different scrub intensity. The robot will mop only in this option;

    For the mapping related inquiries, the map will be updated according to the atual environment. So every time when it cleans, it will update the map accordingly.

    For more help, feel free to reach out to our support team at you are in EU, contact

    Lakin02/04/2024      18:35

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