Accessories for S5 Max?

Accessories for S5 Max?

I got my S5 Max last week, and noticed the S5 and the S5 Max have different water tanks/systems for the mop.

The Accessory Kit for the S5 has 'water filters' (little grey circular parts). It looks like the S5Max doesnt use that anymore...

Can anyone comment on if the other accessories (Mop Cloth, Brush, or Corner brush, abd filter) are the same as the S5? I haven't seen any accessory kits specifically for the S5 Max.

i.e. Will an S5 Accessory kit work in the S5 Max?


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  • Some spare part for one model could also be used for another model. For instance, filter and brushes of S5 and S5 max are interchangeable.

    See picture below:

    Bjorn03/23/2020      19:41

    I am actually also looking for spare parts, but i cannot find any for the s5 max.

    i am specifically looking for a spare water tank and mopping cloths and dust bin, but in the above table there is no compatible water tank or dust bin, and there seems to be nowhere (not aliexpress, not amazon, not banggood) where this can be bought?

    RR_SupportStaff Member03/24/2020      08:45

    Hi, Bjorn, thank you for your reply.

    The mopping cloths is interchangeable with our other models, so you could make a purchase of it on those stores. But the water tank of S5 Max is much different from other models and it could not be found on those online stores.

    Would you please tell us what's the problem of your the water tank? maybe we could give you some trouble shooting and solve the problem. And maybe we need more information such as SN info, is it convenient to contact us via with SN info? Thank you.

    Bjorn03/24/2020      09:25

    there currently is no problem, but i always like to have spare parts in advance, so i can replace items when needed without having to wait.

    i have both the xiaomi roborock as well as the s5 max, and am happy with both. but for the first one i have all spare parts, for the s5 max i only have the ones that are interchangeable (so no backup in case the watertank or dustbin needs replacing - which might be never, but it is always good to have a spare!)


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