Could not reach a specified room

Could not reach a specified room

When I try to use the mihome app to send the vacuum to clean a specific room, it initially acts like it's working, only it pauses shortly after leaving the dock, spins around and says, "Could not reach the specified room, going back to the dock." I've tried resetting the wifi and the same issue keeps happening. This has never happened before. What should I do?

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  • We are sorry for the trouble you are facing.

    May i know if there is a door closed before where robot says could not reach ? could you tell us model number of your device?  It is suggested to let robot do a full cleaning instead of zone cleaning or selective room cleaning so that robot will know the door is open and all becomes normal.

    If the issue persists, you could contact our support email:

    Rachel12/02/2020      18:18

    I am also having this issue with my S4. There is nothing in its way at all, and the room's door is wide open. It cleaned my entire apartment last night with no issue, but today, it won't clean my bathroom. It only gets about 4 inches away from the dock before it says it cannot reach the room and turns around and redocks again. I also tried manually moving it further away from the dock, but it did the same thing. There are no obstacles in its way. It thinks the door is closed to the bathroom. If I ask it to clean the kitchen (no door there), it goes and does that fine, but it thinks my bathroom door is closed, even though it isn't, and I'm not sure how to reset that.

    RR_SupportStaff Member12/03/2020      11:11

    Go to cleaning history and send us a problematic cleanup map, please mark the bathroom on the map.

    Use wet cloth to clean the wall sensor and cliff sensors. Try to set zone cleaning with bathroom included and verify whether it works.

    Jk12/19/2020      20:36

    Hi I'm having the same exact problem. Tried cleaning the sensors but it is still happening. Robot leaves the dock then just stops for a minute, and goes directly back to the dock saying Could Not Reach Room

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