Roborock s5 max at Gearbest

Roborock s5 max at Gearbest

When I read about the impressive roborock s5 max and went ahead and tried to buy one. On this website there were only two places to buy it from, AliExpress and gearbest. AliExpress didn't ship to USA, so I ordered one through gearbest in November. The order has not been shipped it yet and they are saying it going to available on January. I had the worst experience with gearbest and I would never recommend anyone getting it through there.

I understand it might have been an operational business decision to use gearbest. But for serving your customers in the USA, it is the wrost ever.

I'm writing this to share my experience and to ask when will the product be available on Amazon?

Thank you

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  • Dear friend, thanks for your feedback! The Roborock S5 Max will be available on Amazon in this month, please stay tuned and come back to our forum to get more news. ☺️

    alexseen05/18/2024      19:11

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    The Roborock S5 Max at Gearbest is a top-tier robot vacuum that offers exceptional cleaning performance and smart features. Ideal for tech-savvy homeowners, this advanced device ensures effortless maintenance of spotless floors. Currently, Gearbest is promoting a range of complementary products, including electric camping coolers, which perfectly cater to outdoor enthusiasts seeking convenience. Investing in the Roborock S5 Max enhances home cleaning efficiency, while electric camping coolers simplify your outdoor adventures.

    William757405/20/2024      18:47

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