Multiple floors for S5 (S50)

Multiple floors for S5 (S50)


I just bought the S50 (=S5)

Is there a way to make it create a map for multiple floors? I mean ground level and first floor.

If not, cant be hard for the developers to program this: create aditional room on the map that you have to move the cleaner to by hand...

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  • I’m having the same issue right now and would like to know as well. We have a step-down living room that we have to pick up the robot and place. However, it either messes up the map for the main floor (if map saving is on) or I lose my mapped floor plan (by turning the map saving off). Hoping the company can respond/support as this is a big concern.


  • We are so sorry to tell you S5 could only save one map at present. It will recreate a new map and delete barrier or no-go-zone you set before once you move it to another floor. If not, please reset map manually to avoid map duplicated, or robot will get confused. Besides, remember to bring the dock together with robot to another floor.

    For multiple map saving suggestion, we will forward your advice to our developing department and hope they will add this feature in the future.

  • Hi,

    I also agree with the previous persons requesting this feature. I would really appreciate a firmware update to the S5 in order to handle multiple floors!


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