E25 Vacuum lost WIFI connection permanently

E25 Vacuum lost WIFI connection permanently

Hi, I have the E25 vacuum, which I loved until a few months ago. One day I noticed the vacuum was not running on the schedule I had set. I went into the app, and saw the device was showing it had lost wifi connection. I tried reconnecting to wifi and nothing happened. I was still able to use the app and select clean, etc and the vacuum would run. Over the course of about a week I continued this almost daily, reading the manual etc and following what the app said for reconnecting wifi. Nothing. I just kept manually running vacuum through the app (which defeats why I purchased this one). Next step was I deleted the app from my phone. I then re-installed, but the problems still persisted. Again I tried this a few times over a few days, with no luck. Finally, I decided to delete the device from my app, so I could set it up from scratch. Unfortunately, now I can't even add it back in. When I go to add a device it shows no bluetooth devices found. I again follow instructions to hold two buttons until "resetting wifi" and the wifi indicator starts blinking. But the next button does not let me click on it, as if the device can't be found. I even reset the vacuum back to its original settings, so I could do everything from the beginning like it was a brand new vacuum I had received. Nothing. I am really upset that I now have a vacuum that won't run on a scheduled program, won't even connect to the app, and is virtually worthless. I've emailed the support, but after 3+ weeks I've gotten no response and don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

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