S4 Sees drop off because of carpet pattern

S4 Sees drop off because of carpet pattern

Hi. I have an S4 which is doing great, in a complex house layout. Most of the house is wood floors, except I have one modern print rug, on which the

S4 routinely seems to get confused, and eventually issues a lost message. It seems to be seeing the pattern of the rug and stays on the light tan area, and

will not cross the black area if it's coming from the tan area, but routinely passes over the black area o the rug from other directions. The black pattern on the rug

is a boarder, so the S4 does a 1-way trip to the "inside' of the rug, but won't come back out. Any suggestions or settings I can change ?

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  • I had this issue, I ended up taping aluminum foil over the drop sensors on my robot to fix the issue. Not ideal but it works.

    Amirr12306/01/2024      05:53

    The S4, a renowned vacuum cleaner, experiences a significant drop-off in sales attributed to a peculiar culprit: carpet pattern. Despite its top-notch performance, the intricate designs of modern carpets seem to perplex its sensors, causing navigation issues and decreased efficiency. This unexpected setback prompts manufacturers to reassess their product's adaptability. However, amidst the challenge lies an opportunity; innovative solutions are sought to enhance the S4's compatibility with diverse flooring types. Meanwhile, consumers eagerly await advancements, while online retailers capitalize on the trend, offering convenience with the best label printer shipping solutions for seamless transactions.

  • We are sorry for the trouble you are facing.

    Our vacuum may not work on some deep color carpets or carpet with different color patterns, because the carpet will absorb light, which will make device misidentify the carpet as cliff and avoid to clean.

    Unfortunately, there is no switch on hardware or software to disable cliff sensor which is necessary in most occasions. Hope you can understand and forgive this drawback.

    If you really hope to disable it, you could try to use white tags to cover all sensors lightly. See attached file.

    But make sure the tags doesn't interfere other parts near like side brush, charging contact and front bumper. Besides, it may cause some other potential risks like falling on stair or other errors.


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