S8 Won't go underneath furniture

S8 Won't go underneath furniture

The all new S8 wont go underneath furniture even though there is adequate clearance. This is a major flaw. Upto 20% of bedrooms and living rooms aren't being cleaned. For pet owners this is especially important. Please add a "go zone" boundary map option that overrides the lidar.

I am disappointed roborock released a product costing over $1500 with this major flaw. I understand after reading thru posts this failure mode has been a complaint for years.

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  • Yeah, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I replaced a Eufy with my S8. Now I’ll need to use both so I can get to the pet hair under the furniture. Agree on adding a “go zone.”

  • I think my issue is related- after the last update my s7 max+ still not clean under the kitchen cabinet edges. I've done a fair amount of reading about it online and apparently it's related to the Lidar that seems to think any shadow of the overhanging cabinet, or in your case the shadow of the furniture, makes Roborock think its a cliff and won't go there, even though it would clearly fit. This is super frustrating-

    Angie02/02/2024      13:51

    I've now turned off the "reactive obstacle avoidance" - fingers crossed it'll help(?)


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