Cannot Edit Map, or delete map, or disable "Map saved mode (Beta)"

Cannot Edit Map, or delete map, or disable "Map saved mode (Beta)"

Hi All,

I have a S4 and I've been loving it, but today I went to a edit room definition to account for some moved furniture, and it let me just fine. However I didn't quite like the new room boundary so I went to edit again and it failed. No errors are presented but I lack the ability to split or merge any rooms together. My next step was to attempt to delete the newest map and try again, that also fail this time with an error message that is too fast for me to see. So then I thought I'll just toggle the map saving mode off then back on and start again, that fails saying "wifi connection issue", which is clearly not true because I can still start, stop, and edit other setting for the vacuum just fine.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: After some more experimentation it appears the vacuum is also no longer showing its location on the map accurately, it always shows that it is in the dock even while cleaning.

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  • So I actually ended up figuring this out, it was embarrasingly simple but I'll leave it here in case it can help anyone else.

    All I did was restart the S4 by holding the power button until it turned off, then turned it back on and it let me edit the map.

    RR_SupportStaff Member01/16/2020      04:36

    Thanks for sharing with us.


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