Cleaning under couch?

Cleaning under couch?

My S5 used to always clean under couches at first, but recently it stops doing so. There is definitely enough room under the couch for the vacuum.

Any help on how to get it to start cleaning under couches again?

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  • Is there a workaround to this? I liked it so much better before this firmware update.

  • Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    We did some changes in firmware update.

    In most occasions, robot will face a lot of issues like getting lost or stuck if it goes to underneath bed or couch whose height is almost the same as robot. We receive a lot of complaint about that. 

    I know your robot could well clean the area under bed or couch before without any stuck or confusion issue. But the height from your bed or couch to ground is approaching the threshold that robot may get lost or stuck, which is reason why it still avoids going inside.

    We understand that you need robot clean the place like underneath bed or couch where is hard for man to clean and may have dirty stuff. But we also have to assure robot won't cause problems to other customers in almost same situations. 

    Hope you can understand and forgive it.

    Vertigo02/10/2020      10:00

    Please please please, make this optional, so the user can decide if he wants the vacuum to go under tight spots (and possibly get stuck for some users) or not. Make the default to play safe if you want, but give us the option to make it work like it used to. I have literally just a few millimeter clearance under several pieces of furniture and I was delighted it went under almost all of them. Knowing this behavior will change means I will not update the firmware until this becomes a choice (or at the very least we can downgrade the firmware again).


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